About Us

Weaving Timeless Tales, Through the Lens

Born in the picturesque town of Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab, I embarked on an extraordinary path as a fashion and wedding photographer based in Chandigarh. At the tender age of eighteen, I followed my passion and migrated to the vibrant city, where I immersed myself in the captivating realm of commercial photography while simultaneously honing my skills in graphic arts.
A year later, destiny beckoned me to the city of dreams, Mumbai, where I had the privilege to collaborate with renowned photographers. It was in the bustling streets of Mumbai that my talent caught the discerning eye of Lakme India Fashion Week, granting me a breakthrough opportunity at the young age of twenty-two. My journey continued to unfold, gracing the pages of prestigious publications such as Femina and Gladrags.
In 2006, the call of my roots led me back to Chandigarh, where I courageously embarked on the path of entrepreneurship, establishing my own venture in commercial and fashion photography. By catering to the needs of the local high-profile clientele, I bridged the gap that once compelled them to seek photographers from distant regions. Along this transformative journey, I discovered the enchantment of capturing heartfelt moments in weddings and events, seamlessly blending my passion for fashion photography with the art of storytelling.
While serving my cherished regional clients, I have also embraced national and international assignments, providing comprehensive turnkey solutions to clients across the globe. Working with diverse individuals and cultures has enriched my craft, enabling me to breathe life into captivating narratives and imbue my images with captivating characters.
Reflecting on my achievements, it is humbling to realize that my journey has merely begun. With every click of the shutter, I aspire to push boundaries, infuse my work with artistic brilliance, and seize the essence of beauty in its purest form. From the heartland of Punjab to the glittering realm of fashion, join me on an unforgettable odyssey through captivating imagery and unforgettable stories.