Top 10 Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Chandigarh

Top 10 Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Chandigarh – Pre Wedding photo shoot is an assemblage of stunning recollections for the partners to imagine those fantastic days of their lives. A stunning location improves the beauty of the projection and makes it more special. If you are from Punjab and don’t want to go extremely distant, then you can go to Chandigarh for your pre wedding shoot. It has many attractive places that can donate a lot to improve the attractiveness of a shoot. Here is a list of the Top 10 Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Chandigarh given by Sunny Dhiman – a group of the best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab.

Chandigarh is renowned for its well planned arrangement. Also, it is full of vegetation, it is pure and secure. You can also appreciate the shopping at Sector 17 and have a reasonable time. Here girls are appreciating their “Kineys” and boys are enjoying their “bullets” which they normally call “bullt”. And most significantly, you can never say no to the finger licking food of their dhabas. If you are a party creature, you will discover the finest night clubs where you can appreciate with your loved ones.

List Of Top 10 Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Chandigarh


It is also understood as Nek Chand’s Rock Garden as it has been designed open-air kind of hall using metropolitan and industrial trash by Nek Chand (a former Road examiner in Chandigarh ). It protects the area of 40 land which incorporates stunning mosaics of art compositions and statues made from industrial and home waste.  The rock garden is dispersed into three different phases. This place will give you additional attractive and reasonable surroundings.


The Oberoi Sukhvillas is an amenity resort in Chandigarh. It is encircled by 8000 land of natural forest and has a geography garden. It also provides an outdoor pool. This place is the greatest area where you can grasp beautiful idealistic pictures. Work of art here lets you take excellent pre-wedding shoots.


The Rose Garden of Chandigarh is one of Asia’s biggest Rose Gardens as it encircles an area of 30 acres. It has a stunning arrangement inside the garden as there are rampant green grasses all over the garden. Also, there is a lake-structured part of the grassland where you can rest and appreciate the view. You can also have food from the outside of the garden. Separated from this, every year Rose Festival is held, where every acceptable rose is displayed and people stay here from all over the country.

Top 10 Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Chandigarh - Sunny Dhiman Photography


Pinjore Garden is the finest place for pre wedding photo shoots because of its stunning lightning. It has a bunch of fountains which makes it a more gorgeous and enjoyable place. This garden is an illustration of the Mughal garden style.


Sukhna Lake is a lake where you can have the finest view of Chandigarh. One of its metiers is that it is a man-made lake with a special structure. You can have your pre wedding shoot there in the morning time or sunset time. It will give the heavenly look to your images which are caught there. If you are examining the best places for Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Chandigarh, you must see Sukhna Lake.

#6 Leisure Valley

Leisure Valley is undoubtedly one of the most stunning locations. It is eight kilometers long and protects a large part of Chandigarh. This area is also known as “the lungs of the city – of Chandigarh”. It is a very reasonable place for the pre wedding shoot. It has green dazzling trees and is discovered in sector 10 of Chandigarh. Also, It is full of foliage making it an excellent location for pre wedding shoots.


Nangal is a beautiful small town that is determined by the Sutlej River, and hills. It is an unnatural lake that will give you an excellent location for your pre wedding shoot. It is a major interest for people who visit Chandigarh. It is worth having a place on the list of Pre Wedding Shoot Locations In Chandigarh.


Forest reserves protect an area of 3245 acres. This forest embodies extensive trees which will give you a proper location for the pre wedding shoot. Here you will discover many classifications that are announced as threatened.


Bougainvillea Garden comprises all the additional types of bougainvillea and it protects an area of 20 hectares. As it is a component of Leisure Valley, it will also be an excellent place to have a pre wedding shoot. A Bougainvillea festival takes place once a year which is a significant interest for visitors. The beautiful and different from each other bougainvillea will improve the beauty of your pre wedding shoot.


Nalagarh Fort is a stunning place to have a pre wedding photoshoot. The unique building is excellent for the apprehending of instants. It can give a kingly countenance to your pre wedding shoot. You just have to go with racial wear and you will have your outstanding photoshoot. It is a settled place., so you have to reach them for different pieces of knowledge and allocation for the pre wedding shoot.


In this blog, we give you proper locations for pre wedding shoots in Chandigarh. So you can select which location is best and near your location.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question – What is the definition of a pre-wedding shoot?

Answer – The pre-wedding Shoot is to get utilized to exist in front of the camera, build a connection with your photographer, and obtain a beautiful set of unrealistic photographs well before your wedding.

Question – How do you request for a pre-wedding shoot?

Answer – If your engagement day is too overwrought, then negotiate for a special day in a great location to do your pre-wedding photo shoot. You can inform your wedding photographer about the clothes, props, and timings.

Question – How long is the pre-wedding shoot?

Answer – 4 to 5 hours are sufficient for a stunning photoshoot.

Question – What is another name for a pre-wedding shoot?

Answer – Another name for a pre-wedding shoot is an engagement shoot.


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