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Love Story Gagan & Bani By Sunny Dhiman Photography

November 1, 2018 Blog

You just know it when you meet the right guy there aren’t any violins playing in the background but your heart gives you a signal. You literally go weak at the knees and have butterflies in your stomach even at the mention of his name. And no, it isn’t necessary that you’ll find your Prince Charming in the typical Bollywood way. Many times, the meeting is arranged by your friends or family and love just happens!

Since it was a meeting day at hotel. I was dressed n waiting with my mother n uncle. Sharp at 7pm Gagan and his elder brother arrived at hotel. It would be a lie if I said that I wasn’t nervous. The conversation kept flowing about knowing families between my n uncle n his brother. Gagan and I had a very little to speak until asked question directly and then the moment came where we both were left alone to get to know each other. I could literally hear my heart beating. And to my relief he started with the conversation.

I was nervous but I was happy that we could talk to each other fluently. The conversation flew by with ease. There was some hesitation some awkwardness but it wasn’t a complete disaster.

As I stood there Gagan n Bhaiya leaving, all kinds of thoughts flooded my mind. I still could hardly believe that I would b able to make such a decision – a decision to finalize my life partner… until I met Gagan

After that just to know each other better, we started talking on phone calls. For the first few couple of days, we talked only for 10-15 mins.

From initial 15 minute calls, it turned to hours. we used to talk about so many things – our favorite things, college life, about his family, my family, life in the US, politics, films, food, gossip and what not..

And we chose n accepted each other wholeheartedly.

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Wedding Ceremony

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Our life is no less than fairy tale. We had seen the darkest side and the brightest side of life, we had seen the pleasure and the pain, the joy and the sorrow. We did fight sometimes over the silliest things. But like a true gentlemen that Gagan is true to his words he has been with me and for me on every turn. All that time played like a wind in my mind and living happily forever.

Vendor list.

Groom’s Wear : Brahaan by Narain’s New Delhi. And. Qubi New Delhi

Bridal Wear: Noordeep collections Chandigarh

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